The Evil “Theologian”, John Calvin

Below is something I sent to my email list back in late June of this year (2009):
Once upon a time there was this certain boy…  He grew up.  He studied law.  Got his doctorate in law and became an attorney.  After reading philosophies of “admirable” religious philosophers, he had a “conversion experience” and started reading his Bible.  He then proceeded to write things about the Bible himself, but alas, since his opinions were quite “unorthodox” for the era, he was banished from his town.  No matter.  He took solace with a friend and writing more and more, became a self-proclaimed theologian and “authoritative” writer.

Well, in due time, he was invited to be the mayor of a certain town in which the “elders” of that town’s church were trying to incorporate change.  He obliged and soon became a pious, but very ruthless dictator.  His word was command.  He preached in a pulpit every “Lord’s day” and would enforce church attendance by threat of imprisonment.  Heretics and blasphemers were either banished or executed, often by being burned at the stake.  In fact, historical records show that under his rule, approximately 58 people were killed and 76 were exiled.

One dear, but unfortunate soul –a friend from his past– dared to criticize his now famous writings/doctrines of the faith, and was imprisoned and treated in the most inhumane way.  Finally, the date was set for the burning, and though this “apostate” begged to be forgiven (pardoned), then begged to at least be beheaded, this “esteemed theologian” would not budge on the inditement –if the “heretical beliefs” were not recanted.  The doomed man would not recant, so he was burned alive in the most cruel way possible, green wood used to prolong the agony.

Oh, have I left out that many in evangelical mainstream churches –yes, these that are on every corner, (and not the ones you call “cults”), are all year –this year of 2009– commencing Happy Birthday celebrations honoring this “remarkable benefit to Christendom”?  In fact, some of our most highly esteemed theologians –past and present– are raving such things as this about him:  “The longer I live the clearer does it appear that his system is the nearest to perfection.”  (Charles Haddon Spurgeon)  And, “I believe he was a great instrument of God; and that he was a wise and pious individual.”  (John Wesley)  And, “It is doubtful whether any other theologian has ever played so significant a part in world history.”  (J. I. Packer)

Wow!  Did you read that last quote?!  Yea, significant alright!  His writings, as well as another “theologian” –one who spouted racism in his writings– were both quoted at those Nazi trials which sought to justify the extermination of a whole race.

So who is this tyrant being honored?  Yes, John Calvin.  And those who follow his teachings, honor him, and defend him are called Calvinists.

Doesn’t Jesus say in John 8:44, “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire.  He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him.”  Did we catch that? –“NO truth in him.”  And we also know that 1 John 3:15 says, “and you know that no murderer has eternal life in him.”

So why would we want to honor, follow, or defend a person who is “of the devil”?  He or she would not know in the least how to interpret the lovely, pure truth of Scripture for us, for “the man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him and he cannot understand them.”  (1 Cor. 2:14)

Do those who truly have the Spirit of Christ Jesus in them take up violence against those who differ theologically with them?  Never.  Jesus taught that we turn the other cheek –or we leave.  (See Luke 9: 53-56, Matt. 5:39 & 15:14)  Jesus also said in John 18:36, “My kingdom is not of this world.  If it were, My servants would fight to prevent My arrest by the Jews.  But now My kingdom is from another place.”

So why do “Christians” continue to honor these contradictory and blasphemous doctrines (and now the 500th year birthday) of a hate-filled, murderous tyrant –who clearly was “of a different spirit” –2 Cor. 11:4?

Unbelievable.  Yet the internet is jammed with honors to this wicked person.

Don’t fall for deception.
Even the ones propagated in your own church.

P.S.  Here are the five core doctrines of the famous (or infamous) tyrant being so honored throughout “Christianity”:

1)  That humans are totally depraved (utterly vile), and even before an infant can sin, he is a sinner.

2)  That God elects (chooses) and predestines everything (every action –even the worst of evils) –down to the smallest robotic detail.  And that to bring Himself glory, He predestines (foreordains, assigns ahead time) some humans to go to Heaven (“the elect”) and some to go to Hell.

3)  That Jesus did not die for everyone, but only for “the elect” –those God decided at random to save.

4)  That “the elect” have no choice but to be saved, and that those chosen for damnation –even if the gift of salvation be dangled before them– can in no way ever be saved.  Why? –Because God deliberately withholds it from them.

5)  That no matter how a Christian lives –his conduct, his character, his thoughts, his motives…– no matter if he murders or rapes hundreds, since he is of “the elect”, he is still chosen, reserved for, and thus guaranteed Heaven.

These “glorious” doctrines can all be refuted by numerous Bible verses that say just the opposite, yet this highly esteemed individual is being celebrated in packed-out convention centers (such as the one in Palm Springs, CA this last June 12-15), and is being hailed in Christian conferences all over the world (such as the one going on right now, June 25-28 in Germany, two coming to Geneva, Switzerland July 5-9 & July 6-9, another to France, South Africa, Russia, Quebec, and many more.)

Do “Christians” seem to care that besides the blasphemy, this person exemplified highly non-Christlike behavior and attitudes? Here’s what John Piper, author, pastor, and very popular speaker, writes in the appendix of his newest book:  “So the times were harsh and immoral and barbaric and had a contaminating effect on everyone…  It would be foolhardy to say… that they have nothing to teach us…  There was in the life and ministry of John Calvin a grand God centeredness, Bible-allegiance, and iron consistency.  Under the banner of God’s mercy to miserable sinners, we would do well to listen and learn.”

Hmmm….  Do barbaric times really call for barbaric behavior from those who preach the beautiful Gospel?  Hmmmm…. let’s see…. –can’t think of a time that Jesus or Paul or any of the Holy Spirit-filled apostles –who lived in much earlier, even more barbaric times than Calvin– called for violence.  Especially murder.  Are we really to listen and learn from such “spirits” who exhibit the opposite of the “fruits of the Spirit” –Gal. 5:22?  No, if it walks and talks and kills like a serpent –then it is a serpent– and we are not to listen and learn one thing from a serpent!  We are to flee!  And then from a distance, warn others.

Why, oh why, are “Christian” preachers and lay people defending this???  Truly, out of all the false doctrines I have come up against, this one felt, to me, to be the most evil of all.  I spent 8 whole months waving in and out of “horror mode” as I attended a Baptist church that had begun promoting these doctrines.  The pastor, who I was casual friends with, showed a series of videos depicting God as the author of sin, evil, and promoter of damnation.  A discussion ensued after each video.

One evening, at one of these “Bible studies” in which there were about 60-70 in attendance, I spoke up during discussion time and said that we should probably also consider another view, and I proceeded to read a couple of verses.  The verses so strongly shot down the whole point of the videos, that this pastor could say nothing, except visibly angry, immediately close the discussion.  He said that it was clear we would get nowhere tonight, so we’d take this up again next week.  Then he abruptly dismissed us.

The next day, this pastor called me at home and yelled at me like a teen would.  It was so uncalled-for, strange, and uncharacteristic of him, that I just remained completely calm and barely responded.  He did call me a week later and apologized; but I chose not to go back to the church.

This is just one experience.  However, since that time I have realized that Calvinists, in defending their doctrine and their John Calvin, become almost more aggressive, hostile, and illogical than do the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  A person can show them many verses, give logical explanations, point out to them their contradictions… but the Calvinist obviously closes his ears and refuses to accept something that everyone else can see Scripture is clearly stating.

Suffice it to say, that I believe this belief system to be one of the most evil “doctrines of demons” (1 Tim. 4:1) to ever infiltrate Christianity.


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