“Your Savior Is A Church Program”

This morning my husband and I decided to try another church. (We’d actually tried a new one a few weeks ago also, but it was too dry and formal and… well, sorry… but kind of lifeless –generally speaking.) Well, this one actually made me weep afterwards. It had some good worship songs, a little more freedom from rigid formality, but nothing was said! At least nothing as in being fed the Word of God! Oh, there were some Scriptures thrown in, but for over an hour the main theme was how great the church is. –How much the church has done, how exciting the church is, how many programs it has, how friendly the people are (hmmm… I sure didn’t get friendly vibes from the pew-sitters around me…), how much “connection” to others can really change one’s life!

Lovely… how lovely. At least if I were in a self-improvement pep rally, it’d be lovely. But truly, it sickened me. Oh, the Lord was mentioned as being the One who was to be honored for the church’s growth and success… however, this can be said, but not be genuinely exemplified. If it was truly the attitude –that God is to be honored for His wonderful gifts and blessings– then only ten minutes max would have been devoted to such exclamations and exaltations about program after program in the church, its works for the community, and the FUN one could have from a changed life of going to that church. And the rest of the hour and a half would have been devoted to preaching the Word of God to all those people (there must’ve been about 4,000 there), and the preaching would have been about God’s holiness, might, love, justice, etc., and about the horrible condition of sinful humankind headed for an eternity without God, and what to do about it –namely REPENT and GET INTO GOD’S WORD!!!

But… was any of that spoken of?! No, it was not! Pathetic! In fact, I’d say the “sermon” (actually a rah, rah pep talk about growing their church) gave me this clear message: YOU HAVE A SAVIOR and get with the “program” because –The Savior Is…………… (guess what???) –It’s COMMUNITY! ! ! ! ! Yes, by being a part of “community” you will be saved! You will be changed! You will be happier!


Yea, I’m ticked. I’m really ticked. I can’t find a fellowship of Bible-believers who want to study, preach, and live from………. THE BIBLE! ! ! !

Grace and peace,


~ by smilesback on January 10, 2010.

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