Reflect Back, Move Forward

As we reflect back over the year, do we thank God for all His provisions, His protection over us and our loved ones, His guidance and instructions, and His comfort from His Word? I do. He has been my kind Shepherd, leading me along so gently and mercifully. I am utterly grateful. Other gods would have flung me about, been harsh when I doubted, got fearful or depressed, or when I didn’t understand… but not Him. He spoke softly, but persistently. He always “did answer when I cried to Him in my distress.” (See Ps. 120:1) He spoke to me every night and every day, because I was constantly asking Him to… and I was listening, and praising, and on my knees… and because “I have treasured the Words of His mouth more than my daily bread.” (Job 23:12) Truly, He has honored my seeking of Him…

Do we fathom this God who loves us? Just think: All those astronomy photos we’ve been seeing for years now… He made all those stars. And when we think of how deep the deepest part of our planet’s ocean is… envision ourselves down under its weight –as if our body could take that, which it can’t– and then realize how microscopic that enormity is (the whole ocean depths) compared to the galaxy in which our “pale blue dot” of an earth exists… and then compare that to all the galaxies, and then to the vastness of the universe… and then realize there’s a Being who created all of it with His word (Ps. 33:6)… I’d think that we could not help but fall prostrate in awe and gratefulness before this Great God who says, “Precious individual speck of dust, I love you. I stooped to come to your fallen earth to ransom you. I want to fellowship with you. Yes, YOU.”
Oh, the privilege of this…….!!!

So, were we grateful for this immense privilege? Did we act on our gratefulness? Did we spend time with this Wonderful God –as often as we possibly could?

Or did we say we were thankful, say we love Him, serve Him, listen to Him, yet instead spent hours “doing our own thing”?

Well, for those of us who walk closely, gratefully, and obediently with this Awesome Creator / Majestic One, let’s be encouraged by reflecting back on all those benefits and kindnesses He bestowed. Is it not a sign of what He will again do for us? It is. He will continue His care for us. He will continue His patient training of us. And He will eventually bring us forth as gold (Job 23:10), ready, polished, and finished. Tested and found worthy. Carved to spiritual perfection that we might be the sharp tool in His hand that He wanted through which to make His love, Word, and glory known to the world. And finally, in addition –able to be entrusted with abundance (see Ps. 66:8-12) (–not necessarily material)… knowing that we will not hoard anything for ourselves, but overflow our gifts back upon a hurting, waiting, watching world…

In view of these considerations, may we all move forward with joyful expectation as to what our Glorious Powerful God has in store for us throughout this new year! For indeed, He is “the God who performs miracles.” (Ps. 77:14)

with love,


~ by smilesback on December 31, 2009.

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