The Walk That Strengthens

Something I wrote to encourage myself. I share it with you for your possible encouragement:


Lovingly worship and listen.
Faithfully walk in obedience.
Joyfully proclaim the Gospel.
Confidently live out The Truth.

Completely die to self daily.
Rejoice that you suffer for Christ.
Continuously thank Him for blessings.
Eagerly watch for His coming.

Quietly sit at His feet.
Diligently feed off His Word.
Gratefully follow His leading.
Casting your burdens on Him.

Patiently wait in prayer.
Assuredly trust in praise.
Peacefully rest in the promise.
Thankfully sing of His power.

This, I’d say, is what “the walk” entails. Yes, our loving God holds us in His strong, shielding, faithful arms (Dt. 33:12,27), but there are also things we are to do. They are: Worship, listen, walk, obey, proclaim, live truth, die, rejoice, suffer, thank, watch, sit, feed, follow, cast, pray, wait, praise, trust, rest, sing, and more…

…Like: Encourage and strengthen ourselves in the Lord. (1 Sam. 30:6)



~ by smilesback on November 21, 2009.

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