Everyone Is So Very Significant –to God

It was another absolutely gorgeous day. An hour before sunset –what I find to be the most tranquil part of the day– I went for a walk in the forest. The Fall leaves were so pretty, the ponds reflecting their colors skyward, giving such peace…

I walked slowly, meditating on God… His kindness, His mercy, His beauty… I stood at the edge of the one pond, the biggest one, where we used to feed “Alli”, the alligator, left-over chicken from our meal, and where we used to try to sneak up on the beaver before she would smack that water LOUD with her tail. Those two “pets” are now gone… we suspect shot by some thoughtless hunter, but the mallards are still often there, and the coyotes cross our field from there almost every night, loving to howl and get our two dogs to howling too.

Well, I hiked around the big pond, past a smaller one, and went and sat by the edge of the wood, looking out across the 500 acres of rolling meadow spotted with a few giant oaks. I thought of hiking down to the creek bottom but instead just enjoyed the wonder from the perch I’d chosen. I just kept thinking of how huge the world was to me, yet how microscopic it is in comparison to the universe. I felt so small. I thought of how many people there are on the planet… especially how I’ve realized it while often driving past rows and rows of apartments in a city, wondering about all the particular lives of each individual… But now wondering how in this vast sea of planets, stars, grains of sand, and humanity, why God would stoop to not merely beam down one ray of His love to me, but actually gives me His full attention when I speak to Him.

At about this moment I happened to look down at some clumps of soft bright-green moss. I thought, “Yea, I’m smaller than that compared to God and all He is and knows about and concerns Himself with (which is everything everywhere), yet He stoops to focus on ME –as if I’m the only one He is right now spending time with!” I just could not fathom the awesomeness of this. –His tenderness. –His greatness. But it reminded me of the verse, Ps. 145:3 which says, “Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; His greatness no one can fathom.”

We really do not fathom either the wonderful privilege it is to know this God, to speak with Him, to walk beside Him –holding on to His powerful hand, to serve Him, and to… oh, so love Him and be loved by Him. I glimpse the privilege –sometimes.

I pray everyone can…



~ by smilesback on November 9, 2009.

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