Study Carefully God’s Word

I encourage us all to search out truth on our own. –To be careful about taking anyone else’s word for something. –To do our own research and study of history, astronomy, and other areas of fact, but especially that which concerns the Bible and how it came to be. Because the Bible, which made prophecies which have indeed come to pass, also has some grave warnings about the eternal destinations of human souls.

Once a person is convinced about the legitimacy of the Bible, then the correct interpretation must be found. This is done by reading and rereading God’s Word, and it is very helpful if one already has been born anew and has the Holy Spirit indwelling them. (1 Cor. 2:10-16) However, even a sincere seeker will experience God’s grace as He woos, illuminates, and teaches, drawing the seeker to spiritual truth.

There is one concept in the Scriptures that I am especially concerned about people examining. It entails the necessity of holy living and careful obedience to God. I believe study concerning this is exceptionally necessary because it is something that unfortunately seems to have been very watered down in almost all of Christendom. Few seem to be teaching the importance of it, and if they command it, they usually do not disciple people on how to adhere to the command.

Step one is to seek truth –the truth in the Word of God. We cannot find without the seeking… and it cannot be done half-heartedly. We must study, meditate, and ask the Lord to reveal truth to us. Quote to Him His own Word. Like Ps. 119:27,34 –“Let me understand the teaching of Your precepts… and I will keep Your law and obey it with all my heart.” I’m sure sometimes people don’t obey because they don’t understand. But unfortunately for them, that is no excuse. There IS a way to understand: Study. And once they determine to seek and study, they will learn that there is a power offered to us by which to live blamelessly. Sadly, though, many do not want to study because they actually do not want to walk in that holy power. Why? Because they want to sin!

But… for those of us who love righteousness and truth: Once we have His Holy Spirit in us, we do not need anyone else to teach us. (1 John 2:27) Only Him. (John 16:13 & 14:26)

Now, does that mean we aren’t to sharpen and encourage each other? Of course not. And to those who point out truth and who keep reminding us by their words AND LIVES, we should thank them. It encourages them to go on and not become weary in thinking their efforts were in vain.

Of course, who really, is going to reap the consequences of our beliefs and actions? Us. And our hearers. So for teachers of all kinds –including parents, it is of utmost importance that we study. And that we study with sincere and humble hearts, under the guidance of our compassionate and all-wise Counselor, the Holy Spirit of God.

with love,


~ by smilesback on October 26, 2009.

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