Famished, But Refusing To Eat

Many people, while discussing spiritual things, keep trying to direct the conversation toward things of church, charity, history, revival, experience, or feelings. Really anything but the Scriptures themselves. I guess because it’s the Word that the Holy Spirit uses to convict. It’s the Word that is “sharper than any double-edged sword.” (Heb. 4:12) It’s the Word that shines the light on consciences and the dark places of the heart. And… needless to say, that all can be quite discomforting.

But still… If so many admit they are in need of God’s help, why does it seem so difficult for them to read the Word of God? That which is full of directions and promises made by the all-powerful, completely able, very merciful, awesome God? I mean, they are sitting in the middle of a chaotic mess, crying out in misery, bewildered as to why God won’t answer their prayers, wondering why they can’t quit sinning, confused as to which doctrines are correct… and when I ask the person if he is in the Word, the typical answer is: “Not as much as I should be.” I usually ask, “Why is that?” They almost always give an excuse that relates to being too busy.

Friends, we can’t be too busy. Something else must be eliminated (–like T.V…?) It is crucial that we be in the Word –ALONE in the Word. Just you, Christ’s Holy Spirit, and His Word. It is what sanctifies us. (John 17:17) It is what teaches us, illuminates us, edifies us, and gives us discernment and insight. It is what strengthens us, directs us, protects us, feeds our spirits, gives us hope, comfort, and peace. When meditated on, believed in, trusted in, and sought out, it does indeed “renew” our lives. (Ps. 119:93) Hiding it in our hearts –our thoughts, mind, memory– keeps us from sin. (v. 11) And when we run in the path of His commands our hearts are truly, beautifully set free! (v. 32)

Do people neglect to eat physical food because they are too busy? Well, if they do sometimes, their bodies soon enough command them to repent! So why do people wonder why they are so spiritually weak — when they do know their spirits are famished?

You tell me.

with love,


~ by smilesback on October 23, 2009.

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