The Soft Rain Of Peace

This evening feels peaceful. Soft rain… I can hear it on the roof, especially on the skylights.

I walked down to the barn a bit ago… by way of our back pond. The pond is full. We’ve had a lot of rain this year. That’s a blessing. Two years we had terrible drought. Some ranchers cattle died. People’s horses got thin. But ours didn’t; and we made it through.

I changed out the barn’s main light bulb. Then sat on the porch of the barn’s little guest room. It’s furnished and very cozy. The horses, plump porkers they’ve become, meandered around the stall next to me, swishing their tails at the annoying mosquitos which we also unfortunately have an abundance of this year.

The light rain came and went, then came again. I looked out from the porch, thanking the Lord for things He brings our way to enhance peace… to enhance comfort. His peace. His comfort. All good things come from Him.

I thanked Him for those good things. And I thought of the fact that without some hard things we wouldn’t have that very necessary grateful heart. That gratefulness which draws us close to Him… which causes us to remember His compassions, His mercies… and to tell Him so.

I realized that we would take much for granted if we’d never been without. That blessings are enhanced and appreciated because of the troubles we’ve been through. In fact:

That peace is known through having known turmoil.

That strength is known from having been weak.

That rest is known after having endured struggle and toil.

That companionship is known by having known loneliness.

That true love is known through having had endured hate, disdain, or betrayal.

That faithfulness is known by having known abandonment.

That comfort is known through having been mistreated.

That healing is known by having been broken.

That victory comes through having stood firm in the battle.

That hope becomes fact through having kept the faith.

And that close communion with God is through having spent much time and effort seeking Him.

Well… that is some of what I was thinking…

The rain let up, the horses moved out to graze, and I picked up my cat who’d followed me out there along with the two dogs, and we walked back to the house.

I pray you too will experience, and gratefully take note of, good things from God. Like the soft rain of peace…

with love,


~ by smilesback on October 21, 2009.

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