Keep The Key Displayed On You

This is my own version of the various “Key” analogies I’ve heard at different times in my life:

We all know that Jesus (actually His Spirit that comes to indwell us) is the Key to our Eternal Life. Right? Okay. There’s people that walk an isle, even with tears of repentance (or at least remorse), and genuinely commit to follow Jesus. They pray the prayer in sincerity… they do receive the Key. They put it proudly around their neck. They start going to Bible Studies… to church… start telling others how great this is –freedom from their past, their addictions, their anger, their lusts…. They even start volunteering at the soup kitchens, the nursing home, the church building… they might start evangelizing –zealously… maybe start teaching Sunday School… maybe start a Bible study in their home… maybe do some street preaching… or even quit their job to go to seminary…

The list is endless –of what a person might start doing for God.

But then… yea, –then… something happens. The trials start. And those trials snowball. A child dies. A divorce occurs. A painful disease sets in. A spouse loses a job. An affair happens. A business bankrupts.

This list is endless…

The person owning the Key starts to often put the Key away in her pocket. Doesn’t want to flaunt it around her neck anymore… because… I mean, really, –everyone feels it’s obvious that the Key isn’t exactly working… isn’t helping…

Pretty soon, she’s rarely taking the Key out of her pocket. Then sure enough –she’s leaving the Key at home. –In a special place, of course, where she can pull it out when she really needs it…

Those at home see that she doesn’t seem to want her Key… and they might call her a hypocrite. So she hides the Key in a real out-of-the-way hidden place so as to make the statement to her family that the “Key thing” is over.

One day the Announcement is made that The Door to which the Key fits has arrived for everyone to go through. People start scrambling. The “hypocrite” girl scrambles for hers. Only she can’t remember… “Where is the ‘special place’ where I hid my key?!”

The Door to Eternal Life shines in the clouds. But our dear girl can only continue tearfully tearing up her house… regret quickly washing through her concerning her stupidity… the regret soon turning to sheer horror as she realizes she has totally lost the Key!

Friends, this is not just a story. It is something that is going to happen to many. Read the Bible. For yourself. There is a ton of this kind of warning in there. Start with where the door is shut on the five waiting, but foolish virgins in Matt. 25:1-13. Then read Luke 8:14 about the seeds sown and how some grew for a while but eventually allowed “life’s worries, riches and pleasures” to choke them.

Stop going by what another human (though he tout the Bible) tells you. Many are very deceived. Many are pointing the wrong way.

Jesus says in that Matt. 25:13 verse –“Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.” –Of His return. –Or your death. –Or even of the moment when you might take that one last foolish step into the black fog of delusion’s abyss… never to find your way back… to the light… to the truth.

We must be carrying that Key with us at all times. So we don’t lose it. If we own the Key, we are, yes –saved. But owners of keys misplace them all the time due to negligence or carelessness. The Key is yours, you say? Okay. Then be wise: Keep it unashamedly hung around your neck –immediately available.

Get it?


~ by smilesback on October 20, 2009.

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