I Love God

As I was meditating just now on how wonderful it is to truly know the Lord, and to walk with Him, I thought of these things:

There is no greater love than His…
No greater joy than knowing Him.
There is no greater comfort
Than hearing His quiet voice,
Knowing that He’s leading me.

There is no greater strength
Than the nourishment His Word brings.
I so, so love His Word.
It’s sharp, living…
And it changes me.

There is no greater Name
Than the powerful name of Jesus,
At which all will one day bow.
I love His beautiful name…
It is highly exalted.

There is no mightier God…
One who holds the universe in place,
Yet condescends
To call me His child,
His servant,
Even His friend!

It’s so wonderful
–Such a privilege–
To know this God…
To walk with Him,
And talk with Him,
My spirit being fed.

I love my God.
He is the only One
Who never fails
Who is always there,
Who I call
My Kind Shepherd.

Yes, forgiving,
Breathing true life
Into my often
Tired, discouraged,
Doubting soul.

Because when I look up
To see His beauty
And His glory
I am filled with peace
Though I can hardly wait…
To see Him face to face.

Well, that was spontaneous. And because I so dearly love Him…

I hope you love and know Him too.



~ by smilesback on October 18, 2009.

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