Trust The Shepherd

The Lord is a good shepherd. He is a kind shepherd. And He knows all things. Things up ahead that could be a danger to us —we, His sheep that He loves dearly, that He has promised to protect, provide for, and tenderly care for.

This is why the Gospel is called “The Good News.” Because it is absolutely good news: That we have this all-powerful, omniscient (all-knowing) God, who is also omnipresent and therefore can see everything everywhere and throughout time; knows thoughts, hearts, and actions of everyone; can change them if He so chooses (while still allowing free will); and thus can, and does stoop to lead His cherished sheep.

And where does He lead us? Beside quiet streams, green pastures, and into peaceful dwellings. And yes, sometimes through the dark valleys… but there is where we feel His loving presence even more… and soon enough, after we have been made stronger, after the fruits of His Spirit have ripened a little more… He does lead us back up the sunny hillside.

And how does He lead us? He leads us with utmost care, patience, strength, and love… with the expertise that only He, our amazing God, can do.

I love this wonderful Shepherd. And I trust Him.

Do you?

with love,


~ by smilesback on October 7, 2009.

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