Praise Him With Psalms

The Lord keeps impressing on me concerning the importance of praise. To continually praise Him. When things are going well, and especially when things aren’t. Why? Because praise changes things. It is a powerful spiritual weapon against the enemy who flees because he hates to hear God being exalted. It also changes us because our faith rises and we think positive, hopeful, courageous thoughts which motivate our potential in tackling options. It reminds us of God’s compassion, thus making us more loving and grateful toward our kind Heavenly Father.

Praise also gets God’s attention, for He has ordained it as a means to achieve victory for us. Anyone likes to be commended, affirmed, noticed, admired, and adored. God doesn’t need this, but He is worthy of it. He is a King, the Highest King… the Creator of the whole extensive, massive universe… and He is to be obeyed, honored, reverenced, and exalted because of this, as well as for what He has done, will do, and being who He is. Besides… He does command it: That we give Him what He is due. Then when we obey through praise, He stoops to listen and act on our behalf.

Unfortunately, the majority of people today find it offensive that God would require His creation to bow to His Lordship, His majestic Kingship. Instead, they want to consider God their buddy, someone who is all love, who has no condemnation toward sin or the sinful. But… this is merely a god of their own making.

Something I do in order to praise God, is to write down things I’m thankful for, answers to prayer, insights I feel the Lord is communicating to me, and even songs or psalms of my own. Once I’ve written something down, it is edifying to go back, especially when I’m feeling low, and reread it. Because in doing so, I realize that God really did speak to me, it happened, and prayers were also answered. Furthermore, with my own songs and psalms to the Lord being available, they remind me that even if my soul may be presently “downcast… I will yet praise Him.” (Ps. 42:11)

Col. 3:16 says, “Sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God.” I encourage us all to do this. I will share one of my simple “psalms”. I wrote it the morning of 4/11/09. I in no way equate it with the psalms of the Scriptures, but it was my genuine effort to exalt our Sovereign LORD God, the royal and powerful King Most High.

My Psalm

O Lord, You are beautiful,
majestic, awesome indeed.

Let the earth rejoice
When it hears You move.

Let the stars shine in joy,
Let the grass wave to You
in adoration.
Let the flowers dance before You,
And the fluttering leaves
of the trees
clap their praise.

Let the peoples of the earth
–all nations–
Lift their voices to sing
to the one and only King,
The King who rules with
a mighty hand,
Yet stoops to wipe away
our tears.

I love You, Lord.
I worship You.
I long to be in Your presence.
There, I know,
is fullness of joy.

Yes, joy and peace,
And life abundant.
And ever…



~ by smilesback on October 3, 2009.

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