Two Types of Hearts

There are really two spiritual categories that people fall under: Those who love Truth, and those who refuse Truth. Yes, it’s true that there are those who try to straddle both, and in Rev. 3:16 God calls those types “lukewarm” who will be vomited out of His mouth; but these still, by their negligence in seeking Truth, prove they do not love Truth, and thus automatically fall into the “refusing Truth” category.

I taught for many years in the public school system and I can attest to this fact even while teaching non-spiritual truths. Students who love truth do their best to put forth the effort to listen and study, whereas those who despise learning AND those who just don’t care all exhibit actions which reveal this: They are refusing truth.

An example of these two categories was clearly revealed to me last Friday as I evangelized at the bus stops. I meet all sorts of people with various beliefs, but two types, portrayed in two particular individuals pressed upon my thoughts all weekend. Both were about college age, both claimed to be Christians, the first was a girl, the second a guy. I met them about two hours apart.

Okay. The girl: She told me she could see that I have zeal and boldness in spreading the Gospel and asked me how to acquire that. I told her what I tell everyone. It is through reading God’s Word, studying it, and applying it; as well as to pray, praise, be grateful to the Lord and thank Him for all we can think of, and to ask Him to lay on our hearts the ministry He wants for us, and to supply for us the needed zeal, boldness, strength, and opportunity. She kept getting more and more excited and I prayed with her for the Lord to do all this for her. Her eyes –her whole face– was just shining by the time we parted ways. What a precious girl…

Then the guy: He also asked me something similar. We were discussing Mark 7:6 which speaks of praising God with our lips while our hearts are actually far from Him. He asked how we overcome such a thing. I gave a similar answer to what I’d given the girl. You know what he said after my effort to explain it to him? He said, (and his face was not shining), “Well, all that is just the trite answer. —
The basic answer I’ve always heard.” I said, “Well, that IS the answer.” Just then, another Christian stepped in to try to answer his question, so I let her take over and I moved on to someone else.

Two encounters. Two hearts. Two attitudes. What was the difference? The main difference? This is what I believe it is: The girl has a love for the Truth. The guy has a love for himself. He wants to FEEL something. He cannot take Truth by faith. He wants sight… appearance… feeling. He throws aside Truth because it is too “boring” for him. It’s not mystical enough. It’s not “hip” enough. It’s too basic. He, just like the teachers of the law in Matt. 12:39 demand a miraculous sign.

God’s Truth is VERY exciting. But not in a show-off way. Not if it is the real thing. God is a fantastic God who reveals marvelous things to us, brings us beautiful blessings daily; but for the one who does not truly know Him, who has not come to Him in true repentance, faith, humility, and trust, He will SEEM to not be enough. Why? Because they are seeking a counterfeit. And God will let them have their choice.

Let’s beware of seeking thrills, goosebumps, “signs and wonders”, and blessings without the cross. God will let self-gratifying seekers run after gods that produce such things. But sadly, they will miss Him, —
He who is the True and Only God. –The God of ultimate power, love, comfort, satisfaction, blessing, joy, and eternal LIFE.

Seek Him,
He who loves us dearly.


~ by smilesback on September 14, 2009.

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