Extend Hope

I once heard a story on the radio. It went something like this:

A boy named Mark was walking along the road, going home from school. He saw another boy (Ted) carrying a huge load of books. So he offered to help him. They became friends and went through high school together. The day of graduation, Ted asked Mark, “Do you know why I was carrying so many books that day? …I had cleaned out my locker, so no one else would have to, and I was going home to take a bunch of sleeping pills I’d been stashing away…to kill myself. When you talked to me, a little bit of hope came into me, and I decided not to end my life… so really, Mark, do you realize, that that day, you didn’t just help me with my books… You helped me save my life…”

Do we recognize the power we have in someone else’s life? One word. One action. One smile. One look. One minute of your time. It can make all the difference… To crush, or to save…



~ by smilesback on August 23, 2009.

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