Extend Kindness


KINDNESS… Kindness is just the nicest thing, isn’t it? Let’s concentrate on: “What is the KIND thing to do?” While meditating on Ps. 136, we see it just keeps repeating, about God, “His love endures forever.” Another version says, “His mercy endures forever.” Another, “His loving-kindness endures forever.” So, we ask ourselves, “What is the loving, kind, merciful thing to do?” And if we add Micah 6:8 –“God has told you what He wants and this is all it is: To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God”, and then bring in Romans 13:10– “Love does no harm to its neighbor”… well, –we have the exact blueprint for how we are to think and talk and act!

Too hard to do? No, it is not too hard if we are feeding off Him through prayer, adoration, praise, obedience, and gratefulness; and when we are saturating ourselves in His Word –a very supernatural book indeed! If we are busy that day, I’m certain that we can at least stop for 20 seconds several times throughout the day, and say, “Oh, Great and Powerful God, I LOVE YOU!!!!!! May my thoughts, words, and actions show You that! Because, God, You know that I can’t even have the right attitude without Your Holy Spirit helping me –to be willing to be willing! And oh, thank you again for ransoming me through the blood of Jesus! Help me to show You that I am truly grateful!” Something like that. And it may be helpful to say it out loud, just because our minds like to wander and we later think, “Did I really PRAY that –or just THINK it?” (Knowing we really did PRAY it, builds our faith in believing for the answer to actually come!)

So, let’s remember to extend kindness. Sometimes that does mean doing what hurts: Confronting –or making them pay for their misdeeds… But too often, we are like the unmerciful servant in Matt. 18:21-35. We sure don’t want our King to say to us, “Shouldn’t you have had mercy on your fellow servant just as I had on you?” (v. 33) Let’s give people a break, the benefit of the doubt. Let’s look at how wonderful they are in so many ways. And unless it creates an unhealthy relationship, let’s just forget their shortcomings. I’m not talking about the need to always stick to the truth, but I am talking about not allowing ourselves to have a critical spirit.

Who did you criticize today? Was it for the Lord’s glory? The Lord heard it… was He pleased? Okay, so they were a grump, a jerk, a totally evil person! Have any of us ever been that? Hmmm… And wouldn’t it have been such a blessing if someone would have just extended kindness and mercy to us?

Some of us have had a tiny glimpse of how much the Lord God of the Universe –our Creator– cherishes us –and it is SO immense! Beyond comprehension! Doesn’t that Divine Loving-Kindness He pours out on us make us want to pour it out on others?! May He give us tons of opportunities to do so!!!

Blessings and love be yours,



~ by smilesback on August 21, 2009.

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