Sing for Strength!

How is your weekend going? Are you walking in the joy and power of the Holy Spirit? Don’t forget the wonderful gifts He provides for us in order to do so. Here’s one that’s especially mighty to save: SING! Because singing praises to God thwarts the plans of the enemy (Ps. 8:2), and because singing, even when we are downcast, reveals we are trusting God. For both these reasons, He receives glory, and the way is paved for His purposes to be accomplished. (Ps. 50:23)

Yea, I know… –I never thought I should attempt singing –it’s not my gift (I thought.) But singing in the Spirit (that can also be in English) is really powerful and sounds beautiful (even for those who don’t have good voices.) Besides, God’s Word tells us to sing to Him –sing “new songs.” That means: Open your mouth, and with a melody that you are making up (by His help) use words that express your love for Him, your appreciation to Him, your observance of how wonderful and majestic and compassionate and faithful He is… Think of Him seated on His glorious throne, think of yourself bowing at the Shepherd’s feet, think of that tender kindness of such a Great King —
Creator of galaxies and physics and thunderous waves and the human eye… and how He stoops to bring His presence into the room (or car or park…) where we sit… letting us hold conference with Him… —
the One who can certainly DO something about our distress, our situation, our concerns…

All because He is so kind and forgiving and loving…

Treat Him as you would the most amazing person you know… love Him as you would your favorite person… and… ——TELL Him how awesome He is!

I’ve been meditating all month on this verse: Ps. 144:2 –“He is my loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield, in whom I take refuge…” I keep saying that first part over and over… yes, because He is so loving. Just think: “He is my loving God…” My own dear God… …And I am His… Hmmmm…. –What a privilege…

May His love comfort you,
And strengthen you.


~ by smilesback on August 16, 2009.

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